Kuntz Motorenöl started its activities in 1995. With its growing structure, it exports all over the world with its production activities in Germany.

Kuntz Motorenöl is equipped with up-to-date equipment for the production of lubricants and operating fluids, has its own modern laboratory ensuring constant quality monitoring of base products and manufactured products. Before entering the market, each product undergoes extensive tests in compliance with severe regulatory requirements. Scientific research activities and applied technology are tightly interwoven and are one of the Company’s key concepts.

Owing to its wide range of manufactured products, Kuntz Motorenöl is capable of offering the optimal product for each area of application. The Company’s developments are aimed at providing the customer with an up-to-date lubricant, at the same time with the most responsible attitude to environmental issues, and as a result, unique products are created which ensure the best wear protection, extended periods of oil change and fuel saving.

Our team is effective and is made up of experienced specialists in all areas. Every day, each individual one of them is willing to make the impossible possible for you. We are able to do this because we have short decision paths and can immediately implement agreements. This flexibility makes us strong and our customers too.